24 March 1983
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Welcome to Novlomien's Livejournal! Enjoy your visit! I mostly write fan fiction here but I do the occasional personal posts, especially as of late. I enjoy a lot of Japanese artists out there but my favorites are Gackt and Arashi; they will always be at the top for me! I also watch a lot of Japanese dramas! My favorite actor is Yamamoto Yuusuke! :D Of course, I love the dramas that the Arashi members are in too! So anyway... enjoy your stay and feel free to friend me! I love making new friends! <3
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About Me
I tend to be obsessive towards J-Rock bands/artists. My "homing device" as one of my best friends calls it, is the one and only, GACKT. He is one of the first J-Rock artists I ever got into and he will always be number one in my list. I'm obsessed over the group, "Arashi" as well! They are amazing people and their music helps me get through a lot of things in life. I am completely submerged in Japanese music and I am taking Japanese language lessons to not only understand the culture, music, and the beautiful language itself but to help improve myself as well. If you'd like to be friends with me, just leave a comment! I'd like to get to know you before friending, of course.

Is it sad that that's kind of true?! O_O